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Day Support Services

DREAM's main foundation is ensuring that each individual has a voice in planning and developing their days and lives.  We will provide as little or as much support as each individual might need for his/her journey so that he/she can begin to imagine all of life’s possibilities.


DREAM (Developing relationships, empowerment and motivation) offers life-enriching activities and work training opportunities to help support individual goals.


Enrichment program provides a variety of opportunities such as volunteering, community and civic events, educational training courses and in-center activities. The goal of DREAM is to give individuals a mixture of real life experiences from which they can develop relationships, become empowered to make choices and be motivated to succeed.

Work Training program focuses on teaching individuals essential work skills and strengthening their work capacity to meet the challenging demands of future competitive employment opportunities.  While participating in this program, individuals can expect to develop necessary and marketable skills and abilities that lead to greater opportunities for competitive community employment. This program offers community crews and work on campus but also gives individuals the opportunities to:

  • Acquire resume building work experiences and vocational training

  • Develop needed work skills and strengthen their work capacity

  • Establish next steps for competitive employment goals

The goal of DREAM's work training program is to give individuals a mixture of real life experiences from which they can draw knowledge about integrated competitive employment leading to increased success during job development.

Person centered planning is an opportunity through which people join in intentional efforts to support, expand and deepen the direct and visible contribution individuals make to their communities.  It recognizes, embraces and celebrates the strengths, needs, dreams and desires of each individual.  This ultimately leads to individuals experiencing greater inclusion as valued members of their communities.

If you or someone you know is interested in the DREAM Enrichment program or Work Training program, please contact us today!

What others say:


“All helped me immensely with depression and to get my life back on track. They were very sweet, kind people. I am now employed, have a home of my own and am currently looking for a new car!"

- IPS Participant, CL

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