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About Us

Functional Industries, Inc. offers employment services and life enrichment activities to individuals seeking support, daily living independence, community integration and socialization. Individual program eligibility is related to a diagnosed disability or mental health diagnosis.


To create and promote innovative opportunities that reveal the natural potential of each person we serve.


Connecting people, enriching lives


  • Continuous quality improvement

  • Collaborate with stakeholders

  • Understand consumer choice

  • Respect the worth of all people

  • Cultivate every resource

Our History

Functional Industries began as an idea in 1972 which soon turned into reality. Ruben Bonk began thinking about his son’s future and decided there needed to be a work program for adults with disabilities. January 21st 1973, Functional Industries became incorporated and began selecting board members. As early as October, the program became operational at Crawford Lake School House south of Buffalo with our first client reporting to work. By the end of 1973, there were ten clients working and the first Director was hired.

In July of 1974, funds were obtained from Wright County for land and a building. It was completed and occupied by March 5th 1975. These funds established Functional Industries Buffalo Corporate Office in the location it stands today. There have been many changes made to our FII campus including the addition and remodel of our 1803 corporate office building in 2015. FII evolves with the needs and wants of the people we serve. When asking Functional Industries founder, Ruben Bonk, how he made this idea a success, he states “I was the right person, in the right place, at the right time.”

Come work for us and change lives.

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