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Career Development Services

These services are designed to assist individuals with exploring, obtaining and retaining competitive integrated employment. 

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If you or someone you know with a disability has the desire to explore employment in the community, these services can assist with gaining more knowledge about, developing a plan, finding or retaining competitive integrated employment!

VRS – Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Functional Industries’ is a contracted CARF Accredited provider with Vocational Rehabilitation Services. These services provide a wide variety of education, training and support in competitive integrated employment. Some of the services include, but are not limited to:

  • Job Related Services: provide support for individuals that are interested in gaining or retaining competitive integrated employment. Services include:

    • Placement and Retention

    • Customized Employment

    • Job Coaching

    • Job Seeking Skills Training

    • Job Shadowing

  • On-the-Job Work and Training Opportunities: provide paid work experiences in an integrated employment setting determined by the individual’s area of interest. Services include:

    • Internship

    • Job Tryout

    • On-the-job Evaluation

    • Work Experiences

  • Pre-Employment Transition Services: (Pre-ETS) services that are provided to students with disabilities between the ages of 14-21 years old. Services include:

    • Job Exploration Counseling

    • Work-Based Learning Experiences

    • Post-Secondary Education Counseling

    • Workplace Readiness Training

    • Instruction in Self Advocacy

  • Benefits Coaching: assist with understanding how an individual’s benefits work in order to assist them with career planning

  • Independent Living Services: to improve or maintain the ability for individuals to live as independently as possible in the community

To learn more about eligibility and if Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) is right for you, please connect with your local CareerForce Center office.

E1MN - Waiver Eligible

Employment 1st Minnesota (E1MN) services are designed to assist individuals with exploring, planning, finding and keeping competitive integrated employment.  These services can be provided for individuals on waivers in collaboration with their support team and Vocational Rehabilitation Services counselor.

  • Engage: Waiver Employment exploration services can help an individual make an informed choice about pursuing competitive employment.  This service can help individuals who:

    • Are unsure about working in competitive integrated employment

    • Have said "yes" to a conversation about employment options during a WIOA counseling session

    • Have been working in noncompetitive employment (prevocational services, crews)

  • Plan: Waiver employment development services can help an individual discover their interests, strengths and prepare for a job search.  These services help individuals who are interested in pursuing employment, but:

    • are not sure what it looks like or what they want to do

    • have barriers or conditions for employment

    • have little experience in competitive employment

  • Find: VRS/SSB job search services assist an individual to find a job in the community that fits the individual's plan.  When starting a new job, VRS/SSB will provide support to help with:

    • Learning job duties

    • Improve the quality and quantity of an individual's work

    • Solve problems and work productively

  • Keep (Supported Employment): Waiver employment support services (ESS) can help an individual with maintaining employment.

For more information on E1MN, please visit Disability Hub MN and also check out the E1MN Toolkit

Extended Employment

Extended Employment program can assist you with providing long-term support to assist you with keeping your current job and advancing in your career. Eligibility is determined by determination of disability or other barriers to employment. Services can be provided to you in-person or virtually. You have the ability to tailor your services to ensure your own success. For more information on EE please contact us.

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With tears in her eyes she said “I can’t believe I am able to [financially] support my daughter on her wedding day. It is a mother’s best moment. I have come so far, these are happy tears”.

- Marlene

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