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Employment Planning Services assist individuals in determining their vocational goals. Using a person-centered approach, participants learn about employment opportunities within the community, enabling them to make informed decisions. 

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We help individuals choose employment outcomes and career development options based on their preferences, strengths, abilities, and needs.

Participants are age 16 and older. The majority of persons served meet the eligibility criteria for county, state, or federal funding and program costs are paid by one or more of these entities. Private pay is also an option. We develop individualized services around an employment exploration model. This could involve one or more of the following:

Situational and Employability Assessments

These are temporary job placements in community based settings that assess the appropriateness of work environment and evaluate job readiness. We tailor sites to meet the individual’s employment desires and strengths. Assessments are coordinated with businesses to provide experience in a work environment while completing specific tasks. Functional Industries works with the individual to develop the skills necessary to complete job tasks. Our staff are on-site to evaluate their level of independence along with their work skills and social skills. Assessments are completed at one or several different community sites. The number of sites and length spent there are determined by the individual and their team. Upon completion of the assessment, the individual and the team are given a report that outlines strengths, areas for improvement, and recommendations. Individuals are paid minimum wage by Functional Industries while participating in situational assessments.

Job Tryouts and Job Shadowing

These services help participants learn about specific work environments and help them determine their employment preferences. Job Tryouts are performed at individual community based sites or with community based crews. The participants and their team receive feedback regarding job skills, interest in a particular job, work related behaviors, and other pertinent information. Job Tryouts assist the person in making an informed decision about their employment future. Individuals are paid minimum wage by Functional Industries while participating in these services.

Other Services

Other services may be developed and tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual. These include volunteer opportunities and transitional employment.

Participants learn transferable work skills and are able to identify and explore career interests. Recommendations for successful employment options are determined and job goals are developed from employment planning reports.

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Individual Placement at Your Business
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