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Functional Industries offers job placement and retention services to individuals who are seeking employment. Our Community Employment Services enable individuals to choose, obtain, and retain integrated employment in their community.

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Participants are age 16 and older. The majority of persons served meet the eligibility criteria for county, state, or federal funding and program costs are paid by one or more of these entities. Private pay is also an option. Participants are not required to enroll in pre-placement or other vocational training as a prerequisite to obtaining employment. Our goal is to assist the individual in finding and retaining employment that is consistent with their interests, abilities, and resources. Examples of Community Employment Services include:

Job Development and Placement Services

  • We meet individually with job seekers to develop a placement plan. Our staff helps them develop career goals by creating an employment profile that highlights their skills, interests, strengths, preferences, and resources.

  • With our guidance, the job seeker fills out applications, updates resumes, develops cover letters, and composes thank you letters.

  • Our staff helps participants identify and contact employers. We do this by meeting with the job seeker to identify opportunities and complete job applications. We also provide support services once the person is hired.

  • We prepare participants by providing practice interviews with Functional Industries hiring staff and employers in the community.

  • Our placement staff helps the job seeker become a viable candidate for employment by identifying barriers and turning them into strengths. We address common barriers such as personal hygiene and proper dress.

  • When the job seeker is offered employment, we help them understand their job duties, work cultures, benefits, and policies prior to job acceptance. We ensure that all expectations of the job are understood and are being met.

  • When appropriate, we assist the employer in understanding any accommodations or services needed by the individual.

  • We provide on-site consultation and job analysis as requested.

Job Supports and Job Coaching

  • We help the participant become successful by working one on one to ensure that they understand all aspects of their job. We are available to work side-by-side on the job site to help individuals learn work tasks. If appropriate, we can meet off-site to assist the individual.

  • Functional Industries trains employers and coworkers on understanding methods or accommodations needed by the person served.

  • We help the individual understand the job culture and identify natural supports on the job.

  • Our coaching services are individualized according to the needs and wants of the person served and the complexity of their job duties and work environment.

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